Friday, January 14, 2011

Is creativity dead?

     Are you one of those people who can usually predict the end of a movie? When you're reading a book, have you ever gotten a sneaking suspicion that you've heard this story before, even though it's supposed to be brand new? In the article "The Plot of the Book - How to Write a Plot," John Gardener contends that "After all these years of published books and reams of short stories, there's little likelihood of your finding a new plot. You simply have to discover new ways of dealing with an old plot." (
     First of all, these days producers are remaking movies multiple times, even just a few years apart. For example, the story of "The Hulk" became a movie in 2003, and then it was remade in 2008. The same goes for "True Grit," which came to theaters just recently. Also, many movies are based on books, video games, and comic books. And finally, authors and screenplay writers alike are oftentimes simply "stealing" each other's ideas. Is creativity dead? It remains to be seen.

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